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Scooby-Doo #96

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Follow That Monster!"
"Big Game Haunter"

Writer: John Rozum
Artists: Joe Staton(p), Horacio Ottolini; Andrew Pepoy(i), Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

"What a Brilliant Plan!"

Can't argue. Rozum in the first Scooby-Doo puzzler conceives of a wildly clever scheme to bilk the citizens of a small town. The monster exhibits supreme ingenuity. I suspected a hologram, but Rozum comes up with something better than my faulty deduction.

Fred provided the quote, and this clues you into Rozum's masterful handling of the Gang's characterization. Fred can appreciate the cunning of the criminals. Scoob and Shag are less cowardly, and Daphne and Velma provide smart observations that speed the Gang to the solution.

Joe Staton more than meets the needs of Rozum. His monster is a stunner as are his designs behind the beast. Staton as usual treads on his typical dead-on visual characterization of Mystery Inc. Ottolini brings especially notable depth and drama to the inking this issue.

The second mystery has an obvious solution. It follows Holmes' principle: "When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth." In "Big Game Haunter," Rozum does something that's very rare in mysteries from any medium, but given the clues, "whatever remains however improbable must be the truth." The motive for the culprit in question makes sense, and Staton emphasizes the rationale with a "purloined letter" multiplied. Pepoy must also be commended for the spooky shadows plaguing Daphne as well as a heightened sense of illusory depth to the props.

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