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Hellboy: The Island #1

Posted: Friday, June 24, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

What's funny is how under hyped was Island. Mike Mignola returning to his creation Hellboy should be a big deal, but this news somehow got pushed aside. In any case, the return was well worth the wait.

Mignola picks up where he left off with Hellboy now free from the BPRD, challenging his destiny as predicted by the Baba Yaga and the other occult poobahs that he has encountered over the years. This adventure, Hellboy ends up isolated on the Island--where yet another creature has designs for the prodigal demon.

This should seem old, but Mignola's Hellboy is still a breath of fresh air in red. An economy of words propels his deep, dark shadow cast world into action packed monster fighting and deadly supernatural happenings.

While a serious investigation into supernatural literature, Hellboy still retains a macabre wit; though this could be regarded as laced with the tragedy of loneliness, a feeling that permeates the book. The atmosphere and mood really makes the reader feel for Hellboy. He deserves better than isolating himself to prevent a destiny that he's determined see die.

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