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Daredevil/Punisher #1

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: David Lapham

Publisher: Marvel Comics

With the Kingpin gone, other mobs are fighting for territory and power. Hammerhead is emerging as a new power thanks to the advice of The Professor, a.k.a. The Jackal. The Punisher’s interest in Hammerhead just got personal. Daredevil prevents Punisher from killing Hammerhead, But Frank Castle has a need to kill scum and protect what few innocents are left in the world.

David Lapham could write The Punisher. His take on the character is that of a psychotic. Frank Castle has a pathological need to kill evil men. This need grows as he sees an honest family terrorized into paying protection. Castle isn’t just a vigilante; he’s an addict.

Only the first half of the comic has Daredevil. Castle narrates the whole story. It’s really about him and his “war.” I was expecting both characters to get equal time since they share the title. But DD is relegated to a supporting role in Castle’s story.

Lapham draws as well as he writes. He portrays a grimy, run down NYC neighborhood as well as a city park. The fight between Punisher and Daredevil is fluid and exciting. Solid work all around.

But most interesting is an ad for a new exercise program. Lady and gentlemen, we have the new Charles Atlas System for our generation: Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning. It even has a comic strip and coupon! Just read these actual quotations:

“The key to your success is in the magical, transformative power of these exercises-not in your belief system about hard work.”
“All you need is a body-preferably your own”.
“I read about the Great Gama of India, a wrestler who followed this program and was unbeaten in 5,000 matches. I also read that the legendary Bruce Lee did these exercises.”

And how did Mr. Furey learn about these incredible methods? He met a 76-year old man who used these techniques all his life, and was in better shape than the 36-year old kung-fu/wrestling champ Furey. Now what would you pay this man for exercise tips he got from someone else and might have been used by Bruce Lee and a wrestler you never heard off? $29.95, plus $6 shipping and handling? No? Too bad, ‘cause that’s what he’s charging. But at least you also get tips on eliminating shoulder, back, and knee pain. Um, am I going to need to know those tips after doing these exercises?

I don’t think Mr. Furey should have written his own ad copy.

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