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Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #2

Posted: Thursday, August 4, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Contains Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #2/Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #2

Writers: Akira Yoshida & Jeff Parker, (FF); Erica David, (SM)
Artists: Carlo Pagulayan, (FF); Patrick Scherberger, (SM); Jeffery Huet, (FF); Norma Lee, (SM) (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics (duh)
Price: $3.99 USD

Well, Iím hooked. Iím buying this titles for the foreseeable future. Yes, itís meant for single-digit ages. I donít care! Itís fun! And kids donít read comics anyway.

Like last month, this issue has an original Fantastic Four story, and a rewritten Spider-Man story. Annihilus, conqueror from the Negative Zone, escapes through the FF's portal and wreaks some havoc. Meanwhile in Queens, Peter Parkerís Spider-Powers seem to have vanished. And thatís just when six of his worst enemies join forces to destroy him as the Sinister Six.

First and foremost, these comics are fun! Unquestionably good guys fighting undeniably bad guys. Straight-up, old school slugfests.

Second, theyíre funny! Spider-man takes a cab to his fight. J.J. Jameson is annoyed when Dr. Octopus kidnaps him. Sue Storm wants her codename to be "Surfer Chick," and no one calls Reed Richards ďEinstein.Ē The Sinister Six canít lure out Spider-Man because other heroes always show up first. But the best line is delivered by Annihilus himself: ďFlaming monkey-boy! I will obliterate your planet!Ē Thatís a line worthy of John Lithgow. (See Buckaroo Banzai for his turn as an alien impersonating Mussolini.)

The art is smooth, flashy, and colorful. Again, the Fantastic Four story is the better of the two. Sometimes it looks like it was penciled, or at least plotted, by Greg Land. Spider-Man still looks like J. Scott Campbell by way of manga. Very cartoonish. And Peter looks like Harry Potter.

Itís still a hell of a value for $4. Great, light entertainment you can share with your kids or younger siblings. In fact, if you get tired of it, give it away to some neighborhood kids. This is the face we want to put on superhero comics.

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