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JLA Classified #12

Posted: Saturday, October 1, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"New Maps to Hell": Part Three

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Butch Guice, David Baron(c)
Publisher: DC

This is the Ellis issue of JLA Classified that explains what’s been happening. Most exposition in such books sounds clunky or artificial. Ellis’ core premise reads like poetry.

Part of the fluidity can be attributed to the character on which the spotlight falls. The bombings tie into the Martian Manhunter’s mythology and offer a Von Daniken type of solution to the mystery at hand.

The League’s remaining contingent struts their stuff in a positively spine-shivering scene showing just how much power and resonance they all possess--even Kyle, and just when you think things are settling down, Ellis and Guice unleash a Cthulhu inspired menace on a major metropolitan city.

One of the things that this team are doing that distinguishes them from their peers is setting up cliffhangers that draw the reader back, and in this issue, they once again concoct an iconic doozy.

Quibbles? Oh, yes. Babs Gordon in a wheel chair. Ellis and Guice through flashback reminding the reader about the circumstances that led to the stupidity of incorporating her crippling into continuity proper. The reminder of course forces the reader to once again note that Babs Gordon lives in the same world as aliens and Amazons, both having technology that could fix her spine. I will not forgive. I will not forget. I will not let up. Bite me.

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