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Wonder Woman #221

Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

ďPride of the AmazonsĒ

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Morales, Richards (p), Bair, Snyder, Propst (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: As Diana prepares to take responsibility for her recent actions, Brother Eye (somewhat illogically) seeks retribution.

Comments: Ruckaís involvement in the ongoing DC Crisis has guaranteed Wonder Woman a major role right at the heart of crucial events. Itís nice to see this regime acknowledge Diana as one of the Big Three in DCís trinity, and good timing that Rucka has been portraying her as worthy of that status since his run began.

Itís also good to see Identity Crisis artist Morales' take on Diana, as that series didnít do the character justice, nor did the first Countdown story. Since her decisive action against Maxwell Lord, however, sheís been at the heart of the Crisis, and it looks like further tests are impending.

Richardsí art (focusing on the Amazons and the Gods) isnít as strong as Moralesí, who really does portray a definitively grand and glorious Diana. The Amazons prepare for battle after receiving dire pronouncements, and Diana stands up to her patron goddess as is her way.

She plans to turn herself in to manís justice, something neither the Amazons, the gods nor Dianaís embassy staff supports. A vengeful Brother Eye, however, pre-empts any action on her part by broadcasting her execution of immediate threat Lord around the world. And then it decides to terminate her in retaliation, but itís not prepared for what she is.

What is she? Thanks to Infinite Crisis, sheís the true badass of the DC universe right now. When being thrown into a pit of molten steel (a funny reversal of how heroes usually deal with robotic attacks) doesnít faze her, you know youíre dealing with one pretty amazing tough customer. Iím not sure if the rest of the hero community is going to sign on to Dianaís way of thinking; but
maybe theyíd better, if they want to survive.

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