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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"Spider-Man The Other-Evolve or Die Part 1: Shock"

Writer: Peter David
Artits: Mike Wieringo (p), Karl Kesel (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Spider-Man has feelings of dread based upon the nightmares he has been having lately. While beginning self-defense classes with Captain America, he also has to contend with a new villain named Tracer. After being injured, he seeks medical attention from a Doctor familiar with dealing with people in his line of work. As an old villain lurks in the background, Dr. Castillo phones Peter with bad news regarding the results of his blood work.

Commentary: I've read this book like three times, and I still can't figure out how it fits into Infinite Crisis.

What do you mean it doesn't?

What do you mean this is the wrong company? I thought everything was tying into Infinite Crisis.

Oh well. Life goes on.

This was a really solid start not only to this storyline but to Peter David's new run on Spider-Man as well. In all of the interviews I've read and witnessed in regards to this title, David has said that he wanted to get back to the Spider-Man he grew up with, and I believe he succeeded. His writing style is ideally suited to this character. I've always enjoyed his blend of humor and drama, and I think he definitely put both of those in this issue.

I also enjoyed the introduction of Tracer. It seems to me like this type of villain has been missing from comics (and Marvel in particular) for some time. Tracer was kind of goofy, but David managed to make him a credible threat for Spider-Man both physically and mentally. I really liked the scene with Captain America. I've always been impressed with how Peter David handles the character, and if anyone can show Spider-Man how to handle himself in a rough situation it would be Cap. While the main story didn't seem to kick into gear with this issue between the ending with Morlun and Spider-Man's mysterious test results, things are definitely starting off right.

I am really excited that Wieringo and Kesel are providing the art for this series. I don't know if it is Karl's inks that are subtly changing Mike's pencils, but the final product is a great combination of their styles. I loved the cover, not only because it is quintessential Spider-Man, but the solid red really draws the eyes and lets the book stand out on the shelf.

In The End: I may be sticking around after this storyline. I haven't completely decided yet (mostly due to financial considerations), but I really want to see how Peter deals with Spider-Man after this crossover ends. This issue had some great writing and art and served as a nice break from the insanity I have immersed myself in with all of the DC books I read.

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