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Blood of the Demon #9

Posted: Saturday, November 5, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: John Byrne, Dan Green(i), Alex Bleyeart(c), Will Pfeiffer(scripter)
Publisher: DC

John Byrne is just having a ball on Blood of the Demon. I'm delighted to hear that the title's been given at least eighteen issues of life. The dream stuff continues to warp and challenge the Demon's reality, and the friends of Jason Blood seek inventive means to awaken the Demon from his sleep.

That said. What really becomes the savior is the unique continuity that Bryne has been scribing for the Demon. He mentions the in between state of Jason and the Demon and gives a reason for it. He uses the Demon's nuanced power in a sneaky move that makes sense and shows off Byrne's pyrotechnics.

The subplot of the Crist-like figure moves slowly but surely, and its in these scenes that Byrne's artwork becomes a little sloppy. At a certain point the figures appear to be shot in cinemascope; they look all stretched out.

The rest of the artwork is just pure Byrne goodness. The being
comprised of multiple souls and manifested as a conglomerate of male and female figures entwined--like a creature from Clive Barker's Books of Blood--is an impressive feat of penciling and inking that's clearly not a computer cut and paste job. He's drawing every one of those figures by hand.

Blood of the Demon is one of the more gorier books that Byrne has written and illustrated, and this issue with its fluctuating dream states even more bloody than the first two issues in the series. It's well illustrated blood and grue which looks to flow and spurt from the wounds of the victims, but it might be a little beyond the scope of kids.

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