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Manhunter #16

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2005
By: Ariel Carmona Jr.

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Javier Pina (p), Fernando Blanco (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: In a strange reversal of fortunes, Mark Shaw is training Kate, and the irony does not go unnoticed by the new Manhunter. Another D-List villain is on the prowl, but Kate puts a damper on his criminal activities. Dylan goes on a special mission while Kate follows Cameron to meet with a powerful figurehead who makes her an offer. Meanwhile, Ramsey gets kidnapped.

Comments: Kate Spencer continues to be the most intriguing female lead character in comics and Manhunter continues to be an underrated blue chip book for DC. This issue starts a new story arc after last month’s one shot and after OMAC Project interludes, returns the series to its whimsical roots. Andreyko delivers the goods once again with a mix of humor, action and character development. Kate’s moment of realization as it dawns on her she has earned a reputation is a great moment, as is her brief exchange with the D-List villain de jour (Skorpio.) I like the fact Dylan gives her a new gadget straight out of Star Trek, but he has to explain to her how it works. There’s some good interaction with Chase, exploring the nature of Cam’s powers. Kate’s interaction with D.E.O. Director Bones is also fun. Bones has an offer for Kate, but she’s as cool as a waterfall when she meets with him to talk business. The artwork by Pina and Blanco is great giving the book a distinctive style, and just take a look at that cover by the talented David Lopez!

Final Word: Manhunter succeeds where many books fail by proving on a consistent basis that a comic doesn’t have to be non-stop action to be a good read. Well developed characters and good dialogue goes a long way. Some people like to treat themselves to a good bottle of wine, or a big juicy stake at the end of the day. Manhunter is in the same category, and I like to savor every delicious panel.

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