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Uncanny X-Men #466

Posted: Friday, November 25, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

ďLast Night I Had the Strangest DreamĒ

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Chris Bachalo (with seven inkers)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Rachel reflects on how the post-House of M situation seems to presage the dark days of her own alternative future origin, while surprising herself by enjoying the simple pleasures and annoyances of a Grey family reunion.

Comments: This is the sort of issue Claremont used to do so well: the quiet, reflective, internal monologue character-building issue. And he does it well again here. I havenít had a handle on this softer, sexier Rachel since he returned to this title, and while I still donít know how she came to be, exactly (she seems to have the same origin as the one I remember from way back in "Days of Future Past"), I do feel I know who she is now. Claremont spends a
little time with Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Cannonball, uneasily testing the situation of their new guardian sentinels, but most of the issue presents Rachel bonding with her grandparents, who behave reasonably and honorably like normal adults whoíve lost their daughters but still have love left for their remaining close and extended family.

Claremont is on form here, at least until the last page, which is a brutal Decimation-style cliffhanger, shockingly abrupt. Heís got the family dynamics down until then, and doesnít over-explain or over-complicate. The same can be said gladly of Bachalo, who turns in a consistently clear and coherent issue despite the multiple inkers, restraining himself from his overly-fussy tendencies admirably. Rachel is cute and perky, Psylocke performs a mesmerizing mid-air exercise routine, and Kurt and Sam look like themselves.

That ending, though. I have no idea where itís going. And Marvel is on probation with me anyway until I see how this Decimation thing plays out, as House of M certainly earned it no points. Didnít ruin this issue, but thereís no guarantee the next one will be as good.

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