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Justice League Unlimited #17

Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Let Freedom Ring"

Writer: Adam Beechen
Artists: Carlo Barbieri(p), Walden Wong(i), Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

Bush after denying all knowledge of his executive actions finally admitted that he authorized the National Security Agency to wiretap U.S. citizens. He did this without a warrant from FISA--a special court that was set up to at once preserve the secrecy of such actions and to preserve The Constitution, something Bush believes has the substance of cheap toilet paper. This is without a doubt one of the most heinous crimes committed by a President, and Bush should be impeached for his actions. He should have been impeached long ago, but this is a clear crime.

In Justice League Unlimited Adam Beechen shows what happens when "absolute power corrupts absolutely." A general having "plausible deniability" in a particularly familiar way cons the Freedom Fighters into wiretapping the Justice League Watchtower.

The parallels are uncanny, especially when one considers as well the Pentagon collecting information on persons engaged in peaceful war protests and joining organizations opposed to the half-wit-in-Chief's reign of terra' against civil rights.

These parallels are even more astonishing when one considers that Adam Beechen could not possibly have known about the wiretapping. The New York Times, after sitting on the story for a year, published it in December. This issue of Justice League Unlimited had already been advertised by then, yet the parallels remain and the message is crystal clear.

The President has no right to spy on American citizens, and the Pentagon has no right to spy on super-heroes who have time and time again fought for the cause of justice.

Don't worry, JLU is more than just political insight wrapped in metaphor. The wiretapping allows for the expected battle against the Freedom Fighters. Usually these things depress me, but it's just so nice to see Phantom Lady without a sword stuck between her breasts and Superman literally walking through fire and uttering classic dialogue that I couldn't help but be swayed by the fun of it all.

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