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Hero Squared #1

Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2006
By: Diana Kingston

Writers: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
Artist: Joe Abraham

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Ow. Stop the Exposition Train, I wanna get off.

I try to be as objective as I can when reviewing, but this whole practice of issue #1 really being a continuation of a previous story is starting to get on my nerves. Few writers can deliver sufficient exposition in such a situation without grinding the movement of the story to a halt - Giffen and DeMatteis aren't among those writers.

This issue largely consists of conversations between various characters, as everyone explains everything that's been happening until now. Quite frankly, it's dull as paste; we don't have any reason to care about these characters as individuals, since they're largely stock types: the nice guy, the comical sidekick/best friend, the plain-as-vanilla girlfriend, the slutbomb who likes to cause trouble,... and I'm honestly not sure if Captain Valor really is gay or not, even though it's apparently a plot point, because there's some disagreement among the characters and I have no idea who I'm supposed to believe.

Rain of Expository Anvils aside, there's not much to say about this issue: it presents a rather by-the-numbers sitcom set-up that fails to amuse, the plot is static, the characters are flat...

Not one of this team's better efforts.

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