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Simpsons Comics #120

Posted: Saturday, July 22, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Homer Drops the Ball"

Writer: Jason Bates
Artists: John Delaney(p), Andrew Pepoy(i), Art Villanueva(c)
Publister: Bongo

Though far from topical, Jason Bates' "Homer Drops the Ball" in Simpsons Comics is a pretty amusing, full-length duel of Homer against Bart. The apple causing the skirmish? A record-breaking baseball.

Taking Bart to a ballgame proves to be tragic for Homer, who loses his most precious valuables. His nachos. The artwork by Delaney, Pepoy and Villanueva in this scene deserves special notice. Delaney designs the ballplayer as an Adonis as envisioned by Matt Groening. His massive chest makes Timm's male Justice League contingent scrawny by comparison. The motion they give to this character as he prepare to his tie-breaking ball and when he actually cracks the bat impresses.

The story continues with both Bart and Homer showing that acorn and oak come from the same gene pool. Each in their own world copies the other while Springfield once against exhibits the gross stupidity that led to the escalator to nowhere.

The way in which Bates solves the problem and brings back the cast to the status quo displays an ingenious understanding of pacing, characterization and domino playing. A good solid issue, but a little late to be all that pertinent.

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