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Checkmate #8

Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2006
By: Chris Murman

Control: Greg Rucka
Coms: Jesus Saiz

Publisher: DC Comics

This has to be hands down one of the coolest things to come about as a result of the over-criticized crossover Infinite Crisis. This series goes back to an old Dane Cook joke about all guys wanting to be a part of a heist. Checkmate has the makings of being a cool clandestine operations story, and for you S.H.I.E.L.D. lovers, their DC counterpart has been making it look cool for way longer than the acronym has even been around. If you arenít reading this series, you must not have room in your box because you get all 25 monthly Spidey books.

Now that I got that out of the way: Whereís Waller!?

I know itís hard to top the last two issues that featured a revival of the Suicide Squad, but Rucka just let that story die off without any aftermath whatsoever. Really? For me, Checkmate should really be titled "All Waller, All the Time." She is what brought the appeal to the series before IC, then made the Cadmus series cool in the JLU cartoon, and just the thought that these guys got going again on a whim from the Wall (I listen to way too much Dane Cook by the way), is awesome.

Sasha was made interesting because of OMAC Project, and that little loverís spat in this ish was cute in that, ďJust tell Mr. Fair Play what he did last night in the sack was neither fair, nor playful.Ē I do think that little angle has just about run its course, though. They canít be together because of their jobs, either of them could hook up with any pawn they desire, so donít torture us with those bedroom games, Rucka. Plus, Bordeaux canít carry this book alone.

Enough said. Move on? Okay, sure.

I think this story will be okay in the end. The Kobra angle is cool enough, and getting Edgerin James in with the hissers should play out very nicely. I even liked the tie in to the Everyman Project and the reject from it that will probably have a lot to do with this story in the long run. I just wanted more Amanda.

Sheís a lot like Lex Luthor in that, ďIím a bloodthirsty, evil person but I do what I have to because I believe itís the right thingĒ way. She probably has half the Pentagon wrapped around her little finger, not to mention half the bad guys in the DCU. Let her play with her toys, thatís all Iím saying. There have been many times I read a panel sheís involved in and have to drop the book because itís that cool. She makes Nick Fury seem like a cuddly teddy bear, and yes I mean the cooler Ultimate Samuel Jackson version, not Knight Rider man version.

The writingís good on this book. The artwork fits the tone of this book very well. I hope this book has a long and glorious lifespan. Just give me Wall and call it a day though.

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