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2000AD #1511

Posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2006
By: Steven G. Saunders

Publisher: Rebellion Studios

What is up, Earthlets? Aside from the mind-control satellites, that is. What’s that? You didn’t know? Oh, sorry, then.

It appears that the 2000AD production facilities are out to impress us on an intergalactic scale this time around! Prog 1511 is so good, it is going to be earmarked for illicit materials lists in no less than 12 stellar sectors.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Judge Dredd: “Origins Part 7: Working on the Chain Gang”
Writer Bot: John Wagner
Art Bot: Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Dredd gets whipped as he’s made to do back breaking labour (as a result of him and the other judge being captured). Then, when night falls, the citizens of Fargoville learn the hard way why it’s best not to drokk with Joe Dredd. I did myself a good ol’ fashioned “Yehaw!” when the punishment began. No mercy, indeed.
This thrill gets more thrilling with each new instalment! This is one of the best Dredd bits I’ve seen in years!!

Chiaroscuro “Part 5”
Writer Bot: Simon Spurrier
Art Bot: Smudge

Death by birds: Can’t say it’s all that original, but hats off to Spurrier for putting it in there. The trail to the film Chiaroscuro leads to Rome where Elvy and his new-found companion find someone that might be able to tell them something. However, she’s the one killed by the birds. But she did have the film, which is still unknown to Elvy and friend. Someone also appears… The killer finally has a form? He/She/It was indeed pictured (albeit it in heavy shadows)… and they even spoke. This mystery is getting much more interesting. Big kudos goes out to Smudge, whose art really shines in this one.

Sinister Dexter “Places to go, People to Do Part 4”
Writer Bot: Dan Abnett
Art Bot: Anthony Williams

Let’s boogie, funtchops! Ah… I’m really loving this new strip. Dan Abnett is in top form here as the story focuses on Finnegan Sinister and his gaining more data on the Mover. At the end, he starts to light Downlode up yet again… Not much more to say, other than that this is a great story.

Harry Kipling (Deceased) “The Hitman and Hermoth Part 3”
Writer Bot: Simon Spurrier
Art Bot: Boo Cook

Kipling gets captured by Hermoth and professes his love! Well, sorta anyway. Neesha tries to spark an uprising, and Harry tries his hand at word mincing. This great surreal and steampunky sci-fi strip continues to delight and impress. Boo Cook’s art does an excellent job of adding to the insanity along with Spurrier's crazy dialogue. As I’m sure I’ve said before, I can’t wait until this is in trade paperback format.

Nikolai Dante “Sword of the Tsar Part 1”
Writer Bot: Robbie Morrison
Art Bot: Simon Fraser

Wow! And let me say again: Wow! I was pretty hard on the last run of strips, and a lot of that had to do with the art. There’s a new art droid on this strip now, and I swear that Morrison listened to previous complaints (well, maybe I was the only one complaining or something). This was an outstanding strip, a strip worthy of the great character Dante is, and it begins where the last series left off a few progs back: with Dante surrounded. He fights valiantly, with the same wit and charm we all love. Then he gets his vodka cured bacon saved by another enemy, who then..., let’s just hope Nikolai Dante survived! The art by Fraser is a vast improvement over the last offerings in the Dante series. It isn’t perfect, and is on the simple side of things, but that never bothered me. It works and works well. Nice!

Every thrill is in primo form here, folks. If I had to pick two that stand out the most, it’s "Judge Dredd" and "Nikolai Dante." Dredd’s "Origins" continues to amaze, and it seems the "Dante" strip is reborn in a way that can only instil love in most, especially Nikolai Dante readers of all sorts.

Hopefully, for your sake, you are reading what 2000AD is offering as of late. If not, you may have to report for disintegration! I hear that is a terrible thing.

Until next time, this is your faithfully reporting and humble reviews automaton signing off.

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