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Red Sonja Annual #1

Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming
Artists: Steven Sadowski, David Curiel(c)
Publisher: Dynamite

Michael Avon Oeming concocts an interesting Red Sonja Annual. The story doesn’t actually star the She Devil. Rather the tale swirls around her legend.

Oeming sets the story at a brothel. The pimp/barkeep’s beleaguered and mentally abused wife is the tale's heroine. Magic serves as the impetus. Donning a mask in magical times can be deadly, especially when the mask maker is a Red Sonja fan.

Besides conjuring an engaging variation on a traditional fantasy plot, Oeming once again makes the reader question some of the trappings associated with the Red Sonja legend. He also shows the duplicity of men and even gives the villains of the piece a little more depth than usually seen.

Steven Sadowski, who recently provided flashback illustrations for “The Return of Kulan Gath” arc in Red Sonja, returns for a full-length story. His depiction of the cast of course follows the rules of anatomy, and readers may be surprised when seeing the unusual body type of the heroine.

If this wasn’t enough to entice the reader, Oeming includes a reprint of a seldom seen Roy Thomas chronology for Sonja’s Marvel adventures. Red Sonja art by such luminaries as John Byrne, Esteban Maroto, John Buscema and Frank Thorne accompanies the guide.

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