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Ms. Marvel One Shot

Posted: Friday, February 9, 2007
By: Ariel Carmona Jr.

Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Guiseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Story: A kid who has the ability to bring stories to life creates havoc in the New York central library when he reads from Carol Danverís new book about Binary.

Commentary: Iíve been enjoying Brian Reed and Roberto De La Torreís recent run on Ms. Marvel and apparently Iím not the only one as Marvel put out this one-shot, no doubt trying to piggyback on the ongoing titleís recent success and on the characterís inclusion in the Avengers.

This one is written by Reed, but the penciling chores have been turned over to Giuseppe Camuncoli, an artist whose style I am not very familiar with. He does a fairly good job of rendering Carol Danvers, following the template set by previous artists, and best of all, he keeps the big panels to a minimum. There is only one full page spread here, and it's used for maximum impact as Carol assumes the identity of Binary in the story. This is the way it should always be done.

The antagonist in this tale is a powerful kid (Gavin) who has the uncanny ability to create reality out of stories read from any source, and this leads to complications when he reads from Carolís fictional book about Binary. Reed manages to infuse this comic with a lot of funny dialogue and utilizes a unique way of involving new readers into Ms. Marvelís former persona as Binary. As for Gavin, naturally I assumed the guy was a mutant (as does Carol), perhaps someone as powerful as Proteus. Imagine my surprise in finding out he is something more.

Reed doesnít give away Gavinís entire back story but he provides glimpses of it: We find out he was not the only one of his kind and he underwent some type of painful surgery. Is he even from Earth? The book raises more questions than it answers but by leaving its conclusion so open ended, one gets a very dissatisfied feeling upon reading the climax. Will the story continue as a future arc in the main title? Will Gavin resurface as a future thorn in Ms. Marvelís side?

Final thoughts: Nothing Earth shattering here despite the booksí themes but Gavin is going to be a formidable foe for somebody, maybe in the same vein as Wanda Maximoff.

I think Ms. Marvel is better suited to stories where she has to battle her own personal demons and has to cope with her commitment to her super hero lifestyle rather than battling these cosmic threats. That said, she certainly held her own against the Brood, and thatís no small feat.

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