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Amazing Spider-Girl #5

Posted: Saturday, February 17, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Talents: Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema(i), Gotham(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Not a bad issue of Amazing Spider-Girl, just one that needs less talk and more hitting, to paraphrase Hawkgirl.

DeFalco, Frenz and Buscema vault off the previous issue’s ramifications for a fun episode that economically contributes several elements to the story. It re-establishes Mad Dog, the bounty hunter. It comments on May Parker's under the radar status and shows off her sense of whimsy. The episode promises, but the follow up fails to deliver.

From the opening salvo of wit and spidery presence, May goes back to school. These far too many scenes slow down the potential snappy pace. They do however hold some raw interest to the overall continuity. May makes a smart and unexpected decision regarding her role in Student Council. Gene Thompson, Flash's boy, evinces just how much of a sphincter he is.

Things pick up during the hunt for the mcguffin, a list of the Kingpin's transactions, and she who possesses the list. Another player enters the fray, and May Day Parker cleans up town with her own version of arachnid gymnastics. One of the benefits of being a Spider-Girl is an even greater litheness than her father, which Frenz and Buscema display amply.

The school setting takes up too much time, but the multiple hunters in the story make for a smashing party that's crashed by the Amazing Spider-Girl.

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