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Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #3

Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
By: Thom Young

Writer: John Ney Rieber
Artist: Eric Nguyen

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Iím giving this issue of Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason four bullets instead of five, but not because itís necessarily not as good as the first two issues, which I gave five bullets to.

The only reason for the lower rating was because of the absence of the overt development of the themes that intrigued me in the first two issues: allusions to Francisco Goyaís The Caprices and to aphorism 146 of Friedrich Nietzscheís Beyond Good and Evil. Instead, this issue is mostly devoted to the further development of the plot.

I have nothing against an issue thatís devoted to the development of plot rather than themes, and I know full well that when the series is collected as a trade paperback, this third chapter wonít suffer in comparison to the first two. However, my reaction to this third chapter did make me realize how much better it would be if the readers could have this novel all at once rather than in monthly installments.

All I can continue to say at the end of this third issue is that Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason really should be on the reading list of everyone who enjoys an action-packed story that contains believable dialog, that is set in a world of great verisimilitude, and that has great intellectual depth.

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