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Star Wars: Legacy #12

Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2007
By: Caryn A. Tate

Writer: John Ostrander
Artists: Jan Duursema (p), Dan Parsons (i), Brad Anderson (colors)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

I am so impressed!

The creators on this title continue, with issue #12, to turn out a quality book with solid storytelling and good characterization. I want to clarify, too, that Iím not just talking about a quality Star Wars comic, but an amazing title in general. The fact that itís Star Wars related is just a bonus, as it should be.

This issue provides more background on Cade Skywalker and what happened to him following his fatherís death. Cade and the others are at Ossus, the exact place where his father fell, and he becomes introspective as he faces memories and pain that he can no longer avoid. He remembers when he first met Syn and how they became friends, and although many of the events here are familiar from one movie or book or another, it really doesnít matter. Itís well done, I care about the characters even more, and I canít wait to see where the tale takes us.

Whatís more, Mr. Ostrander makes Cadeís disdain and resentment of the Jedi order believable and even understandable. Who couldnít understand the boyís deep pain, guilt, and anger over his fatherís death under these circumstances? Itís a difficult situation for both Cade and his Jedi companions who want to help him. How do they successfully convince Cade to turn from the Dark Side that heís constantly flirting with, when itís the Jedi code that he feels didnít (or couldnít) help his father in time of need?

Ms. Duursemaís pencils fit the genre and the feel of the narrative perfectly and capture each characterís essence in a single panel. The portrayal of body language and action is fluid and seemingly effortless while still retaining the slightly hard edged look that the Star Wars world calls for. The colors complement this look immensely, and the cover is breathtaking! The inks blend well with the pencils, seamless.

Keep Ďem coming, guys. This is the next best thing to a new Star Wars film.

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