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Nova #5

Posted: Saturday, August 11, 2007
By: Ray Tate


Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artits: Sean Chen(p), Scott Hanna(i); Brian Denham, Guru eFX(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Sean Chen's illustration of an attractive, powerful female Kree Nova cannot make up for the paint-drying pace, the dearth of characterization and the abysmal attempts at humor in Dan Abnett's and Andy Lanning's story. This is the kind of tale that takes something like five minutes to conceive.

Searching for a severely injured Richard Ryder, alias Nova Prime, the Predaborg set down on the planet that served as home for a group of marooned Kree. The current Kree Nova promptly cuts them in half, which is the only moment of joy the writers afford to the book.

Upon returning to her people, their leader’s new tights and how they fit snugly over her curves impress male and female Kree. This is mentioned not once, not twice but thrice and then some. If these are the best comedy bits you can come up with, you should get out of the business, and having a woman notice the physique to accompany the boys ogling does not excuse the joke’s sad existence.

After the sexist commentary, the Predaborg proceed to slaughter the new Nova's people. She gamely tries to lead the derivative villains away, but Thanos' tart Gamora finishes the job with death after death. Given her spotlight, I suppose we're supposed to root for her. She reaches her objective and assimilates Nova Prime. Yay.

Nova lacks a single iota of suspense. The Kree are just lambs, and the Predaborg are lamb-threshers. Instead of conceiving inventive strategies to combat the Predaborg, the Kree just lie down and die. They're also completely outclassed by Gamora, and it's a lot like sending James Bond to terminate a litterbug.

Lacking twists, originality or dignity, this issue of Nova stinks.

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