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Amazing Spider-Girl #12

Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"Only the Innocent Must Die!"

Scripters: Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz
Artists: Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema(i), Gotham(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Well, this was stupid and uninvolving. We finally get an answer to SHIELD's actions. Why did they stage a heist of a "football" in broad daylight while hiring a group of mercenaries to protect the mcguffin--but the explanation is just half-assed. Even the return of a classic Marvel character can't excuse the gross negligence in reason. Nick Fury is way smarter and more careful than this. Surely he should have been able to see the possibility that Carnage just might escape and endanger Manhattan?

Spider-Girl's fight against Carnage and Carnage Jr. loses a lot of momentum due to the similar colors of the baddies' skin tone and May's costume. The blend makes the artwork less exciting than it could have been. Of course, a good story would have aided the artists immensely, and it doesn't help that Carnage is such a hollow character: he's the spawn of an alien pair of pants.

Turning Ben into Carnage Jr. is at turns hilarious and...No, it's just hilarious. He reminds me of a really deranged Muppet. The collusion between Carnage and Moose is about the only thing in the book that makes sense, besides of course May's aim to stop them, but that's a given. How she stops them relies on previous Carnage knowledge, which she exposits in the dialogue, but the actual execution of the ending is just forced pathos.

All involved can do way better than what's seen in the book, and this whole story was from the get-go idiotic; though not as obscenely wasteful as this week's Nova, which has such a dearth in entertainment value that it cannot help but put Amazing Spider-Girl in perspective.

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