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Green Lantern Corps #16

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writer: Dave Gibbons
Artist: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

Two things I found highly interesting about DCís use of this issue: They are simultaneously trying to piss Alan Moore off even more so than before, and create a second Hal Jordan for the Green Lantern mythos. The first just makes me laugh, because there is no way you can convince me he wants his creations used by the company anymore. The second, now thatís reason for grabbing my pitchfork and torch while marching to New York.

As expressed last week by my Green Lantern counterpart Kevin Powers, Sodam Yat was written many moons ago into a GL annual by Moore. He possesses impressive control of his willpower, hits on Arisia, and is cocky enough to think a rookie Lantern can defeat an evil, sentient city intent on destroying Mogo. Wasnít one Hal Jordan enough for me to put up with guys?

At the end of the day, I got a great read from a book that pissed me off at this series even further. I wish I didnít have to report news of that nature. Powers is right, this is one of the best books of the series so far. The battle for Mogo was filled with intense action and drama filled respites from the war raging across the DCU. Iíve been really digging Dave Gibbons and the stuff heís been throwing much more than his writing counterpart, and I will be sad to see him leave this title when Peter Tomasi takes over (insert canned friend-of-Geoff-Johns line here).

The art of war is what separates this book from the proper Green Lantern title. The teamwork of the corpsmen to come up with a brilliant strategy for saving Mogo, as well as Yatís hot-dogging, saved the day. Kilowogís chest thumping beat down on Arkillo not only felt sweet to read, but set the stage for round two which no doubt will be coming later in the series. Of course, this is also when the killing began as well for the green ringers.

Want to know how big of a deal is being made of the killing law being changed? For the second straight book, several panels were devoted to showing the faces of the corps as they learn the news heard. Some took great liking to their new ability, and why shouldnít they? Sure, things have been a certain way with the GLC for a long time, but have you seen the Diamond sales charts as of late? Maybe a little killing is just what the boys in green need.

Chief amongst the anxious Green Killers is Yat. Back when I first saw the cavalcade of Superman villains parade out in the one-shot, I proclaimed that it wouldnít be long before Big Blue got himself a ring to join the battle. From the looks of it, I was right in a way. A quick Wikipedia search revealed that Yat was also in a pitch made by Moore called Twilight of the Superheroes. The ďultimate Green Lantern,Ē as originally leaked on the Internet, the Daxamite is responsible for killing many Lanterns, Thanagarians, the Martian Manhunter and even Supes himself. Isnít it just like DC to squash a story like that? Daxamites are also said to be have Kryptonian-like make up, setting him up to be on powerful dude when this is all said and done. The battle is headed for Earth, and itís yellow sun, after all. If Sodam has yet to wade into those waters, you can bet heíll be in for quite a treat as he attempts to help Hal defend the center of the multiverse.

Hereís my real question after pondering this book for a week: if Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor have been carefully planning this little shindig for quite some time, why didnít they target Yat to be a member of their army? Sinestro was once the greatest of all the Lanterns, youíre telling me that he didnít find out the prophecy from Abin Sur or the Guardians?

Iím standing by my original statement about this series. There is a ton of stuff going on in this series that will have implications on the DCU for years to come, and Iím not just referring to the third act in the GL trilogy that Johns has promised. Villains coming back after 20 years, prophecies coming true and the book of Oa being rewritten are just a part of a huge saga being played out. There is no way six months is enough time to devote to this story.

I think this book is a vast improvement from what I have read so far on this series, but I didnít have to look at Cyborg-Superman, the Anti-Monitor, or ďSupermanĒ-Prime either. I got the battle of Hoth, with decent artwork and a taste of my new favorite Green Lantern to dislike.

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