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Clockwork Girl #1

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Sean OíReilly, Kevin Hanna
Artists: Grant Bond, Kevin Hanna

Publisher: Arcana Comics

Plot: An all age adventure about a living robot named Clockwork Girl

Comments: Since I enjoyed the 25 cent preview of Clockwork Girl, it's no punishment to me to review this first issue.

The first thing I noticed is the overlapping of pages from the preview to this first issue. We already saw 15 pages of this issue in the 25 cent preview, and issue #1 only adds 9 more pages. But donít let that stop you from buying both issues of Clockwork Girl. The preview focuses a lot on how the story came about, and issue #1, of course, presents the story itself. For just 99 cents for issue #1, you canít go wrong.

The funny thing I noticed between the preview issues and this first one is that the writers changed some of the captions. Some sentences have been added, and some have been deleted, and a minor portion of the dialogue has been deleted as well. What I liked about that is the fact that comics are organic instead of static, so creators always work their asses off to make things better; they are only stopped by deadlines. Although the changes are minor, it brings slightly more clarity to the set up of the story.

Wilhelm The Tinkerer is an inventor who strongly believes in the cold reality of technology. His adversary Dendrus The Grafter, on the other hand, is a man who believes in the beauty of nature. Both men are trying hard to create the best invention for the Haraway Science Fair, which Dendrus won last year. But this year Wilhelm seems to have an ace in his sleeve, to bring home the prize.

Itís a warm story suited for an all age audience. The cover reveals a fairy tale element to this narrative, with a strong hint of classic children books like Wind in the Willows or Alice in Wonderland. But it is not just the cover that is lovely; all the art in this comic is gorgeous to look at. This makes this a great story to read to your children or let them read themselves. The softness of the colors will brighten any rainy day. Clockwork Girl is affectionate, funny and adventurous so this bedtime story will not give us kids any unpleasant dreams.

The characters are beautifully drawn, especially Huxley the monster boy, and Wilhelm himself as the mad scientist. The creators chose a panel composition thatís very readers friendly. Large open panels with loads of lovely details.

This book is best served with a cup of hot chocolate and some freezing winds outside. I vote this as one of the best all age comics in recent years.

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