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X-Men: Legacy #214

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
By: Ariel Carmona Jr.

Mike Carey
Scot Eaton, Ken Lashley
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: X-Men Legacy #214 arrives in stores tomorrow, July 23.

If you enjoy psychological storylines infused with a touch of action, then Mike Carey's X-Men: Legacy is the comic book you should be reading. While Uncanny X-Men has been a bit "trippy" of late, this comic has been a full fledged journey into the psyche of one of comicdom's most powerful telepaths.

Lately, the title has also given readers an intriguing follow up to the "Messiah Complex" crossover storyline which has seen both the return of Gambit--the Cajun magical card wielding former X-Men turned Marauder--and Mr. Sinister, who we all correctly theorized could not stay exiled from X-Men continuity for long.

Fans either groaned upon learning of Remy's return or rejoiced as LeBeau has been one of those love-him-or-hate-him characters ever since he burst onto the scene in Uncanny X-Men #266. Incidentally, I rather like the character.

One doesn't have to be an X-Men historian to enjoy the "Divided We Stand" story arc but for long time readers who recall obscure villains such as Amanda Mueller (from Fabian Nicieza's run on the Gambit solo series), Carey has interwoven a rich narrative based on the stories these comics presented and has employed the use of flashbacks with alacrity in order to fashion a connection between Xavier, Cain Marko, Carter Ryking, a childhood friend of Xavier's and Sebastian Shaw, former ruler of the Hellfire Club.

It seems Mr. Sinister once worked at the Alamogordo research facility where he claimed to be doing genetic research. Last issue revealed that what he was actually doing was encoding his genetic material into Xavier, Shaw, Marko, and Ryking in order to ensure his ability to take over another's body with the help of his Cronus device in the event of his death, thereby guaranteeing his immortality.

When Amanda Mueller circumvented Sinister's plan, Sinister took over Xavier's mind and body and this issue deals with the repercussions and Gambit and Sebastian Shaw have to stand against Mueller while Xavier and Sinister wage a battle for the former's body and psyche. Excellent stuff!

Scot Eaton and Ken Lashley take care of the penciling duties without any help from guest artists, as in previous issues of this title, and they do a superb job of it. Considering the complexity of the psychological battle they have to depict, both artists are up to the task, aided by Frank D'Armata and Edgar Delgado's amazing contributions as colorists.

The flashbacks continue throughout the issue and they serve to illuminate both Xavier's weaknesses, by forcing him to relive some key failures in his past, and his greatest strength: His formidable mutant mind. The climax is another great cliffhanger which have been handled well by the comic's creators since the conclusion of "Messiah Complex."

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