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El Diablo #3

Posted: Monday, November 10, 2008
By: Bill Frye

Jai Nitz
Phil Hester
DC Comics
DC continues their longstanding tradition of legacies in their universe. This time itís El Diablo that is finding new life with a new character possessing the power of Hell's assassin.

This is the third time someone has possessed the power of El Diablo. At the beginning of the tale, the writer introduces us to Chato Santana, a gang boss who discovers quickly that life isn't easy at the top. Santana finds himself betrayed by one of his members and facing a long prison sentence. In a hospital, Santana meets a man who offers him the power and chance at vengeance.

The first two issues of this mini-series seemed a little bit stiff, but here in the third issue the plot and the writing has picked up a great deal to where this becomes a readable.

Although some readers may find it hard to care for the characters, the crime story overall is solid. We still havenít learned everything about Chato Santana, but some of the pieces are coming together. Nitz throws in some complexities to Santanaís character that makes him more interesting, namely that as a gang boss he may have not been as notorious as some made him out to be.

The author spins several plot points to make a simple betrayal story into a much grander tale of crime and the supernatural. One of those separate story lines revolves around a new character named Vorpal who is after those who have possessed the powers of El Diablo. This issue only gives a glimpse of things to come with this new character.

Phil Hester's art is great. His work does a good job of portraying the various aspects of the story, from the chase scenes, to the Old West flashbacks, to even scenes in issue #3 that take place in Hell. Hester's art is vibrant and really captures the emotion of the characters that is so crucial to keep the reader involved in the story.

There are several reasons for anyone to check out this book. One, Phil Hesterís art; two, a solid story for any fan of the El Diablo mythos; three, a story that can be read without feeling like you have to read a dozen other books to understand it.

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