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Ender's Shadow: Battle School #2

Posted: Tuesday, January 20, 2009
By: Bill Frye

Mike Carey
Sebatian Fiumara
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Ender's Shadow: Battle School #2 arrives in stores tomorrow, January 21.

Bean's tale continues in issue two of Orson Scott Card's book adaptation. This issue finds Bean learning more about the world beyond the streets of Rotterdam. As Bean begins his journey to his destiny, his past on the streets lurks about, striving to drag him back.

Carey continues to do a good job of adapting the characters to the comic book format for new readers who may not be familiar with the source material. I am one of those who never read any of Card's books in the Ender universe, so I am coming into this world cold, but so far I've been enjoying this series.

The book sets up future issues on its first page, a black page with white lettering detailing a dialogue between two characters. The foreshadowing of what is to come keeps the sense of conflict well alive for the remainder of the issue.

I never feel for a second that Carey is leaving me completely in the dark, and I am able to put pieces of the Ender universe together issue to issue. This issue reveals more about Bean's mysterious past as he is able to recall parts of it from his memory as an infant.

This issue continues to thrust Bean into the middle of two worlds, creating conflict for the character, as Bean gets tugged from the two sides: his former life on the streets and his new life in battle school.

Fiumara's art continues to bring a very detailed look to the characters in the book. Readers can see Bean learning, thinking and understanding on the page, even without the words. Fiumara is able to bring to life Bean's determination to stay off the streets of Rotterdam. You can see it in his face and by his demeanor. For a person of such small reputation, Fiumara does some fantastically big things through his art.

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