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Super Human Resources #2

Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2009
By: Charles Webb

Ken Marcus
Justin Bleep
Ape Entertainment
EDITOR's NOTE: Super Human Resources #2 is currently available for pre-order.

Plot: As the office prepares for Zomborís surprise birthday party, Tim meets the mysterious, menacing (and unclear on personal space) WOMBAT! Meanwhile, Gordon from corporate is about to shake up the office with some money-saving cuts.

Comments: When I saw the title of this book I knew it was one that I wanted to read--pithy, to the point, and generally summing up the concept of the book better than a cover blurb could. Super-humans and office humor felt like an easy mix, especially in this era of comics exploring the ties between bureaucracy and superpowers (címon, the entirety of the Marvel "Dark Reign" storyline is about power shuffling among government agencies. And then there's The Authority and then there's theÖoh, never mind). But in the final reading, something was lost for me. I didnít really laugh. I smiled a couple of times, I was lightly amused once or twice, but none of it really stuck. Super Human Resources is not a bad book--itís just one that I couldnít quite synch with.

Comedy is subjective and in this case, subjectively, I wasnít feeling the book. The characters arenít bad, just slight, and the humor isnít lacking, just not to my tastes. It seems to tap into the sitcom realm with lots of ďsetup, setup, boomĒ joke structures. Itís all played broadly and leans on the basic concept and a few pop culture references that were dated the minute they were made. The character designs are expressive and reflect artist Justin Bleepís street art style, but sometimes it just doesnít sell the jokes.

Having written this far, I think Iíve touched on where the book fell flat for me--it either underplayed or overplayed the absurdity of the basic idea. It was in some nebulous middle space where I couldnít get excited about it. When it worked well, it was in the self-referential moments (Tim and Mr. Stalwartís elevator conversation about what to do if you think a co-worker might be evil being one of the better sequences).

Again, I donít think this is a bad book in the least--it just wasnít for me. But I think itís worth giving a shot to see if itís for you.

Final Word: Some people like Two and a Half Men and some like Good Times reruns. Similarly, Super Human Resources is a matter of taste--give it a try and see if you like it.

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