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Mr. Stuffins #3

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Andrew Cosby & Johanna Stokes
Axel Medellin, Andres Lozano and Daniela Fiore (c)
BOOM! Studios
“Hard to Bear”

The Tyler family has been kidnapped and Mr. Stuffins is the only one who can save them.

Evil forces want the disk implanted in Stuffins which grant him his secret agent skills. These forces are holding the teddy’s family hostage, in-order to lure him into their trap.

Andrew Cosby and Johanna Stokes created a no nonsense teddy in Mr. Stuffins. The bear’s responses and high I.Q. resemble a cross between Bruce Willis in Die Hard and James Bond. For instance, page eleven features an emotionally wrecked David Tyler and Stuffin discussing a plan to rescue his wife and daughter. After Dave blurts out he’s going to save his family, the plush teddy practically laughs in his face remarking “Great plan…except it won’t work. While crossing his arms, and delivering a cold stare, Stuffins further explains to David that the forces of evil will deal with him in an unpleasant manner if they act on his flawed plan by saying “And when I say deal with I don’t mean a handshake and sending you home with some fresh baked cookies.”

Mr. Stuffins has crossover appeal since the script doesn’t contain vulgarity or explicit content, yet the dialogue is witty enough for adults to appreciate. Then again, I sort of feel as if adding a little bit of blood to the story could enhance this issue. Sadly the lack of blood allows this issue to posses a Saturday-morning cartoon atmosphere, and I believe this comic could be more than such. Mr. Stuffins has the ability to be a kids story with a slight edge to it.

The artwork in this issue reflect well-drawn characters and environments. Readers get a warm sense of Stuffin’s plush fur due to Axel Medellin’s detail in the teddy bear.

Fans looking for a fun story with clean humor, yet witty dialogue, should invest in this issue.

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