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Vincent Price Presents The Tingler #1

Posted: Monday, September 14, 2009
By: James Miller

Mark Miller
Alex Lopez
Bluewater Comics
Vincent Price Presents The Tingler #1 is a story that harkens back to the olden days of genuinely frightening horror movies. Most of these movies are fairly lame by today's standards, but there's a certain magic, a grandeur held within those dusty reels of film that we largely cannot replicate in today's world of visual media. In this respect The Tingler #1 is rather refreshing, bringing genuine creepiness and real fear into the story, not the cheap in-your-face scares we see nowadays.

The story is about a scientist who is in search of fear itself, believing that there is an actual fear creature that manifests when someone is frightened. A hokey science theme? Let me guess, is there a creepy jungle? Yup. Lone damsel in a tasteful state of undress? You betcha! Some kind of mystery monster? Uh-huh! Lost tribe of jungle folk? Oh yeah. Sounding kinda black-and-white horror movie plotish? Indeed it is! This comic shows that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, provided it's done well.

The players are a bit cliched, but they do have enough character to come off as real people. Each spoke and acted as they should have depending on the circumstances and their relationships with one another.

One of the great things I enjoyed about this comic was the suspense that builds throughout. It feels as though it's going somewhere, that we will get to see something really cool in upcoming issues. I enjoyed the writing in this story. Explicative, funny and mysterious parts all well placed and not obvious. It says just enough to keep you wanting more, without making itself come off as ridiculous.

The art is well done, though it's a little too cartoonish for my taste. Some cartoon fits well with the overall feel of the story, but at times this art comes off a little too much so. For instance, you can tell the artist either has never drawn a jaguar before, or just has difficulties with felines in general. Either way they need to pick up their game in that regard. Everything else was good though, especially the people. The main players are well drawn, the action is clear, composition dynamic and each panel is obvious, all helping to keep the story moving.

Bottom Line: Vincent Price Presents The Tingler #1 sounds a bit cheesy, but it's a good story to delve into. The story is interesting, if a bit cliched. The art isn't awesome, but isn't bad either and overall makes for a solid beginning to what looks to be a promising tale.

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