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Mass Effect: Redemption #4

Posted: Thursday, April 8, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller
Omar Francia, Michael Atiyeh (c)
Dark Horse Comics
Plot: Liara attempts to recover the body of Commander Shepard in a prequel tale to Mass Effect 2.

Comments: While I thoroughly enjoyed both Mass Effect games I must confess that I was extremely skeptical as to what the announced Dark Horse Mass Effect comic would bring to the table of this truly epic tale crafted by developer BioWare. Licensed properties do not have the best success rate when being brought into this medium that we all love so dearly. Thankfully, the end result was an adequately entertaining story that managed to not only capture the feel of the video game but also successfully build upon the elements and themes that were so prominent throughout both games.

This tale is a prequel taking place between the two games and focuses primarily on the recovery of Commander Shepard’s body. The task lies in the hands of the Asari Liara T’Soni, who is a familiar face from the aforementioned games. Aided by the Drell Feron, who has just begun to earn Liara’s trust, the two manage to use trickery and cunning in order to obtain the pertinent information which leads to the successful campaign of recovering Shepard. Along the way they have to deal with many adversaries including the dreaded Collectors, the main villains of this story.

While the issue was enjoyable enough I did have a few minor nitpicks to mention. First and foremost is the artistic style presented in the book. While fundamentally there is nothing wrong with Omar Francia’s work I did feel that it was not the proper match for Mass Effect. The issue would have benefited greatly by using either a grittier style or a more detailed artist. As it is the art just comes as sort of cartoonish and was a distraction for me personally. My other minor complaint is that these types of stories often feel as somewhat contrived due to the fact that there must always be some way to have familiar faces brought into the fold.

Final Thoughts: Overall the story wasn’t bad and fans of the property will undoubtedly find some interest in the Mass Effect comic series.

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