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New Mutants #12

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Zeb Wells
Ibraim Roberson, Brian Reber
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: New Mutants #12 arrives in stores tomorrow, April 14.

"Second Coming - Chapter 3"

Plot: The New Mutants face off against the Right in the latest installment of "Second Coming."

Comments: Words could not express how ecstatic I was when Marvel announced they were resurrecting the New Mutants in their original form. While I was a huge X-Men fan back in the day, it was the New Mutants who I felt I could relate to much more easily. Being a teenager and going through similar everyday problems made the team much more akin to everyday life. Since the re-launch, writer Zeb Wells has proven that he has an affinity for these characters and their history, as convoluted as it may be. The situations the team has had to face has grown exponentially, culminating to where they are at this precise moment and that is in the midst of "Second Coming" and dealing with Cameron Hodge and the Right.

It was refreshing to see the New Mutant characters acting for once like they truly belong with the X-Men squad as opposed to having to tiptoe around the authority of the senior team. This especially holds true for Cannonball who has perhaps the most relevant role in this book as he is the de facto leader of the New Mutants at the moment. Beyond that though he appears to be every bit the leader that Cyclops was at that age. When facing a dilemma that presents itself in the form of a moral conflict, Sam defers the decision to Cyke who in turn declares that it is an order which makes it a no-brainer in Sam's mind. Karma also plays a pivotal role as she is the stealth op by default due to her psyche powers. The rest of the team by and large just lurks around for the majority of this issue. Magma, Cypher, and Warlock were practically non-existent and Sunspot served the purpose of questioning everything going on. It was cool though to see the team face off against Hodge, who has a long history with the New Mutants.

Meanwhile, the senior team is dealing with Stryker and his Purifiers who are all in competition in attempting to get to Hope first. The interaction between the Alpha team is just fantastic here. The way that Warren and Logan just react to the situation at hand is fun to read and a result of their time in X-Force and the circumstances they had to contend with. The villains, led by Stryker and Cameron Hodge, played a huge part here. While Cameron Hodge played his role cool, calm, and collected even as he grotesquely shifts into uber-baddie mode, the Reverend Stryker doesn't seem to have such a good go at it. Warren and Stryker have a run-in, and I don't think the long time X-Men nemesis villain will be posing any further threats any time soon.

Zeb Wells continues to churn out good New Mutants stories, though my one complaint, and it's a big one, is how the majority of the team was relegated to background scenery. Other than Sam and Karma, the New Mutants team was irrelevant to this story. Dani had a brief moment to shine, but it was more of a jam session featuring Karma Sam and the X-Men. The art by Ibraim Roberson was a breath of fresh air with crisp panels infused with colorist Brian Reber's underrated palette.

Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a very compelling issue. While not as spectacular as the previous "Second Coming" chapter, it was still a worthwhile tale and served its purpose of propelling the story further. My only gripe is that I would have expected Cypher, Sunspot, Magma and Dani to play a larger part in this issue. Still, a definite must buy for anyone who is curious about the New Mutants and "Second Coming."

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