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Transformers #6

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Mike Costa
Don Figueroa
IDW Publishing
EDITOR's NOTE: Transformers #6 will be in stores Wednesday, April 28th.

“Things Fall Apart” (part 5: Earthworks)

This current rendition of the Transformers has gone a long way into bringing back some of the excitement that originally attracted so many to the franchise. In going back to its roots IDW has taken out a new lease on life for a property that seemed stumbling on its last legs. Disregarding the film franchise, the Transformers haven’t been much of a deal in recent years. But after a crash course in the latest robotic endeavor it seems apparent that all the pieces are in place for a return to greatness.

The setting off this comic borrows elements from many of the previous incarnations of Transformers media but with its own unique vision. The visual depictions of the movie are dismissed in favor of a more colorful style akin to the cartoon and old Marvel series of the '80s that so many hold near and dear to their hearts. The characters actually are very identifiable, immediately, due to the decision of the creators in using a more retro style that pays dividends.

However, more than any visual depiction it all boils down to writer Mike Costa and his handling of the franchise that has had the biggest impact on this book. When you remove all the facades that the characters hide behind you are left with emotion and story which Costa handles with precision. Despite the fact that the Autobots and Decepticons are alien robots they do have human-like personalities and nuances that the writer has found a knack in relaying to the reader. Artist Don Figueroa excels with creating the wonderful Transformers in both their robot and vehicle forms. The action packed battles explode off the page thanks to Figueroa’s crisp and detailed pencil technique.

A quick run down of the first six issues is that the ever quarreling factions have grown increasingly frustrated with their situation on Earth and all the pointless fighting amongst them. Many long to return home or to simply find a new lease on life. Optimus Prime, after witnessing the death of a close comrade, turns himself in to Skywatch, the human task force charged with dealing with the Transformers. Though like the old tag line, there is more than meets the eye.

Overall this has been a fun read much and one that will give you a chance to unwind and just relax with the story and its characters, which is a nice change of pace given all the hysteria that comes with the cape crowd. If Costa and Figueroa can maintain the quality of story telling that they have achieved so far than the future looks pretty bright for Transformers fans. The real trick is going to come in the form of converting those who have only a slight or passing interest to the book.

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