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Captain America #605

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Ed Brubaker
Luke Ross, Butch Guice (i), Dean White (c)
Marvel Comics
Plot: Bucky confronts the 1950s replacement Captain America in the conclusion to the “Two Americas” storyline.

Comments: Captain America continues to further solidify its place as one of current comics masterpieces by implementing well thought out scenarios for America’s champion to contend with. Regardless of it being Steve Rogers or Bucky Barnes who is wearing the flag on his chest you can rest assured that you are in for one heck of a ride. I have actually grown quite fond of Bucky holding down the mantle and feel that he has done a more than serviceable job to boot.

Since taking over the reins on this title author Ed Brubaker has repeatedly used both Rogers & Barnes to his advantage and allowing both the opportunity to develop, especially Bucky who was amongst the ranks of the dead for so long until Brubaker devised a brilliant story in which to bring him back. “Two Americas” was mired in a bit of controversy early on since Brubaker’s creattion, the Watchdog organization, mimicked the real life Tea Bag Party in some aspects, though coincidental. Yet by using a device that strikes so close to home in the real world only served to make the story that more engaging since it was something more identifiable with the reader.

Additionally, the continuing use of the Falcon has been positive. Always in the background but hardly in the spotlight this underused character has been best friend and partner to Steve Rogers for many years and having him work with Bucky has been a pleasure to observe. While the two had differing philosophies at first they have managed to find a middle ground and have developed a deep and mutual respect for each other.

The confrontation between new Cap and replacement Cap was quite riveting and action packed. Bucky desperately tries to plead with this out of control caricature of Stever Rogers but to no avail. In the end, it becomes a choice of survival and the ultimate decision must be made. Both Bucky and Sam not only ramp up the adrenaline but show off their badassery within the pages.

Final Thoughts: Excellent writing and art has been a consistent with this title and that continues with this current issue. Now that this story arc has wrapped I am eager to see what becomes of Captain America as Marvel enters its “Heroic Age.” Will there be room for both men to hold the title? Overall, this book has never been stronger than it has been in the past few years. Ed Brubaker continues to serve up a variety of offerings that push the boundaries for these characters unlike any that have come before. It is these little morsels that have made the whole meal that has been Brubaker’s Captain America that much more filling.

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