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Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1

Posted: Monday, May 10, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Jason Aaron
Adam Kubert, Mark Morales w/ Dexter Vines (i), Justin Ponsor (c)
Marvel Comics
ďAnother Fine MessĒ (part 1)

Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert introduce a new limited series that embraces Marvelís Heroic Age with Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine. The selection of the protagonists is a no-brainer as these are two of the biggest characters in all of comics. The bigger question at hand is whether or not Jason Aaron can conjure up a story that will deliver the goods.

On the surface this book looks a bit out there with its setting of the prehistoric ages as its opening sequence and a bearded Peter Parker realizing that life is going to end in a dayís time. I admit that I initially was turned off by this as it felt like it was going to play out like a what-if type of tale. Peter and Logan are stuck in time and Logan has taken lead of a tribe. Peter warns him that any slight change can affect the timeline of the future. However after the two bicker for a bit we learn of the chain of events that has led them to this place in time assuring that this is no simple throw away tale. Mysterious machinations are definitely afoot in this limited series as there is an apparent bigger plan that has placed them where they are. Who is ultimately responsible for displacing the title heroes? That answer is for a later issue.

Jason Aaron does a more than capable job of delivering a fun and thought provoking story. His characterization of Spider-Man and Wolverine is well done and his voice for these two heroes are equally befitting. Adam Kubertís pencils are brilliant and the inking and colors only serve to enhance them. Justin Ponsorís colors a bright and vibrant adding addition boosting the appeal of the book.

This was a title that I picked up on a whim based on the creators attached to it. I didnít expect too much out of it but was pleasantly surprised to find that there was actually substance to be had within. Witty inner monologue and the promise of a dastardly plot against our heroes have me definitely coming back for more when issue two drops.

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