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Justice League of America #45

Posted: Saturday, May 22, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

James Robinson
Mark Bagley, Rob Hunter & Norm Rapmund (i), Ulises Arreola (c)
DC Comics
“Prelude to the Dark Things”

I have had an extremely tough time buying into James Robinson’s take on the Justice League of America. For one it just feels like the writer and the characters aren’t gelling together as well as one would expect. The situations that the League has been placed in have felt somewhat forced and the dialogue sounds like a foreign tongue coming out of their mouths. Not to mention the fact that these are just tedious reads in general.

Further compounding these issues is the fact that Robinson chooses to add the Justice Society, who I don’t give two squats about, into the foray only serving to displace me from the book even more. While the focus on Jade is nice the Starheart meteor is a design of the Guardians that contained all the chaotic energy to **ZZzzzzzZZZZZ**. Oh sorry! That's how I felt when I read this book. There were some cool moments but the ugly far outweighed everything else. The Guardians have been vilified yet again and I actually have no qualms with that since they have always seemed like these type of activities fit perfectly within their MO.

The art by Mark Bagley was definitely the saving grace of this issue. Bagley’s lines are crisp and clear which is impressive considering just how fast he works. Overall it was just a clean aesthetic piece of work highlighted by the inks by Rob Hunter and Norm Rapmund with colors by Ulises Arreola. Unfortunate for the artists attached that their talents have somewhat been wasted on this project.

The Justice League has become an afterthought for me under Robinson’s guidance. It won’t help any that the JSA is going to be playing a role of significant importance for this storyline as I have already stated my disdain for that particular team. I am going on record here in stating that if the ship isn’t righted by the end of this arc I will find another venue for my dollar.

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