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Uncanny X-Men #525

Posted: Monday, June 14, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Matt Fraction
Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson (i), Justin Ponsor (c)
Marvel Comics
“Second Coming” (part 10)

Despite all the suffering the mutants have had to endure throughout their illustrious history there is always another turn of the screw to inflict upon them. From persecution for merely being different to Massacres, Falls, No More Mutants, Endangered Species and Messiahs the X-Men have had to contend with ordeal after ordeal. Now in the final stages of Second Coming mutants as a collective may be dealing with the most enormous obstacle thrown their way.

You can debate the semantics all you’d like but it is undeniable that this event has been one of epic proportions. We have bore witness to an intense agenda set in motion by Bastion to rid world of the mutant abomination once and for all. He has set his agenda in order to strike at the X-Men where it will hurt them most in systematic fashion in order to kill the supposed messiah, the enigmatic and aptly named Hope. With the revelations revealed within this issue it appears that the proverbial clock is about to strike midnight for the muties.

Matt Fraction has been rock steady in churning out scripts for this event and the title as a whole. The opening scene was great, which focused on Hope and Cyclops in disagreement over Scott’s decision to send X-Force into the future despite the fact that Cable had stated he only had one jump left in him. In a shocking display Hope’s eyes glow red and Cyke remarks how similar her eyes are to his. For some reason this lead me to speculate that Hope will be the child of Scott and Jean Grey as I do believe that young Hope harbors the Phoenix Force within her.

There are quite a few other things that I found worthy of touching on in this review. Dr. Nemesis is such a pompous ass, and I mean that in a good way. I love the way that he is portrayed and he certainly livens up the panels that he partakes in. Also, when did X-Force have time to outfit Cypher with one of their uniforms? It seems to me that they have more urgent matters to attend to. Finally, the assistance of members of the Fantastic Four and Avengers was a cool thing to witness but, ultimately, was a futile event as their combined efforts still resulted in zilch. The battles that were shown were very well done, however, and portrayed just how bad the situation is for the X-Men on all fronts.

The art was a step up from the previous Dodson art on Uncanny. Still, there needs to be more fine tuning in the tightness of the lines to match the caliber of the other artists contributing to this event. There are times when the art just appears to “stretched out” for my liking. All in all, though, this was another fantastic issue handled expertly by Matt Fraction and the art team. A fitting display of the X-Men at their best, fighting for their collective lives while their backs are against the wall.

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