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Green Lantern Corps #49

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Tony Bedard
Syaf, Cifuentes (i), Mayor & Eltaeb (c), Wands (l)
DC Comics
ďRevolt of the Alpha-LanternsĒ (part 2)

So far so good in Green Lantern Corps. New writer Tony Bedard has eased me out of my initial trepidation of former scribe Peter Tomasiís departure by delivering an opening story that has been a joy to follow. As the title of this issue suggests all is not kosher with those emotionless Alpha-Lanterns that were introduced earlier in the series. Purposed as a replacement to the initial Manhunters by the Guardians (wonít those smurfs ever learn?) as Lanterns sans pesky emotions, these Alphas take a current Lantern and leave them as a cold shell devoid of their heart and emotion. Well it is apparent that this concoction has gone horribly wrong just as its predecessors have.

Bedard focuses this issue on John Stewart and Kyle Rayner as each deal with a smidgen of emotional turmoil. John is on a mission with Alpha-Lantern Boodikka on the planet Grenda as they are looking for Stel who has gone missing. Boodikka comments that Stewart should have become an Alpha-Lantern and John responds by trying to show Boodikka how much she has changed and is now devoid of those emotions that comprised her personality. This takes a stunning turn as Boodikka attacks John and lets him know that nobody refuses the Alpha-Lanterns. Meanwhile, Kyle is dealing with the fact that Jade is back and he is in a relationship with fellow Lantern Sora.

Things really get going when Guardian Ganthet comes to Kyle & Sora informing them that he has performed a scan and no Alphas are on Oa. When Kyle canít contact John the trio realizes that things are amiss and set out to locate their comrade. The reveal of who is pulling the strings of the Alphas and why may comes as a surprise to some but I think that if you look back at the recent past you can see that it was all laid out on the table for easy viewing. Not that it is a bad thing as it is all about execution and that said execution was performed admirably.

Bedard has really surprised me with what he has shown so far albeit it has only been two issues. The knowledge of the characters is definitely evident and they come across as organic creatures living on the pages. I found that while the premise is one that we have seen before it was still solidly played out by utilizing a prefect blend of pacing and insight into the characters. The art was beautiful and I am increasingly impressed with the penciling of Adrian Syaf. Tight lines and strong detailing lend to this book perfectly and the inking by Cifuentes only tightens it up further leaving a sweet looking comic to be devoured by the reader.

Green Lantern Corps has been a wonderful companion piece to the Hal Jordan Green Lantern comic and a strong addition to the DC line of titles in general. Editor Adam Schlagman deserves a ton of credit for making the Green Lantern books the strongest this company has to offer. It isnít often that an editor gets called out in a positive way but I am doing so here. Kudos to all who had a hand in this books creation for providing an all out space opera romp of action and emotion.

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