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Green Lantern #55

Posted: Thursday, July 1, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Geoff Johns
DC Comics
“The New Guardians” (part 3)

The latest installment of “The New Guardians” takes a strange, though for the better, turn this month with the inclusion of Lobo into the pages of Green Lantern. The addition of the Czarnian bad ass bounty hunter allows the series a short reprise from all the gloom and doom that has preceded it and enables the creative team to just tell a funtastic comic book romp of an adventure. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Brightest Day has been cast aside, however, as there are still many relevant factors of the over encompassing tale to be dissected over.

The bulk of this story is told over a confrontation involving Lobo, with crazed dog in tow, versus Red Lantern Atrocitus and his rage filled kitty Dex-Starr. By use of dialogue Lobo reveals that someone has offered a bounty on Atrocitus’ ugly mug and he intends to collect by any means necessary. Boy scout Hal Jordan doesn’t plan to sit by idly and watch this occur and fearing the safety of innocent civilians steps in to intervene with Star Sapphire and Sinestro by his side. Heck, even Lobo’s dog and Dex-Starr go toe to toe in a funny but quick confrontation.

It was a nice change from the norm to read an issue of Green Lantern and be able to just soak in the pages with a smile on your face instead of the usual tension filled white knuckle storytelling. That is due to the fact that Geoff Johns embraces his humorous side in order to accurately depict Lobo in all his crazed glory. There are plenty of funny one-liners that are sprung from the majority of the cast here but as one would expect, the truly best lines are saved for Lobo. I felt that there were some moments where the dialogue caused some distractions and had begun to slip out of Johns’ grasp but he was able to reel it back in and get back on track.

The action scenes were the true selling point and totally worth the price of admission. Doug Mahnke yet again churns out a beautifully illustrated comic book where the pictures tend to tell the story better than the words do. The line work is powerful yet subtle and is very easy to gloss over as a result, but one of Mahnke’s primary strengths is that his pencils are elegant without being overwhelming. His work on this title has been some of the best that has been associated with this character and will be remembered as such.

In the end, there will be a lot of things for fans to chew on until we get the payoff for what transpired in this issue. There are, in fact, many ojuicy morsels to be had.

As an added bonus there is a very cool origin of Dex-Starr included that manages to be very interesting and provide a few chuckles to boot. Geoff Johns has once again managed to surprise and impress with what he has accomplished with this latest issue. I hope to see more of these little backups in future issues as the Green Lantern mythos has expanded drastically since Johns has been at the helm. The art here was provided by Shane Davis and was nicely done much like is previous collaboration on the Rage of the Red Lanterns one-shot with Johns. I do have to point out that DC editorial mistakenly credits a Shawn Davis in the story info. Now if this was done by a certain other publisher I am sure they would be flamed and taken to task but since this is DC it most likely won't be touched on by the DC Nation.

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