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X-Force: Sex & Violence #1

Posted: Friday, July 16, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Cory Petit (l)
Marvel Comics
Reading this comic brought me a great amount of displeasure. Now those feelings had nothing whatsoever to do with the comic but rather the fact that this mini marks the end of Kyle & Yost’s incredible run on X-Force and possibly the X-Men family as a whole. During their tenure they made this book the premiere X-Men title on the stands. When you take in to account that this includes books helmed by such names as Matt Fraction and Mike Carey it is quite an accomplishment to achieve.

Sex & Violence is a three issue mini-series that centers on Wolverine and Domino. As the issue opens we find Domino digging bullets and bone from her body. What we come to learn is that Ms. Thurman took a job from, unbeknownst to her at the time, the Assassins Guild. Domino was tasked with procuring certain items of interest from an organization that turned out to be the Hand. All of this results in Domino finding out she got more than she bargained for and actually becoming the prime target of both organizations. When Wolverine finds out the mess Domino is in by way of Elixir, he of course, sets out to help see her through this mess.

Kyle & Yost deliver a fun story filled with their trademark blood and gore. These two have an uncanny grasp of these characters and make them feel so organic. Their sense of pacing is excellent as well and they certainly know how to leave the reader wanting more. It is impressive how they are capable of integrating characters and situations into their book and make them fit so naturally. My one complaint is the mere fact that Wolverine and Domino are heading towards some sort of physical relationship, much as the title suggests. I get the fact that Wolvie is such a revered hero but is it necessary for him to bag every babe in the Marvel universe? Admittedly, in typical Kyle & Yost fashion it ended up playing out nicely thanks to the writer’s masterful use of dialogue.

Gabrielle Dell’Otto makes his long awaited return and it seems that he has somehow managed to polish his craft even further. The interiors are absolutely stunning and provide so much captivating imagery. His style flows from page to page and the detailing is incredibly deep. I could honestly stare at the majesty of these beautifully painted pages for hours on end. I only wish that Dell’Otto could make more frequent appearances in the pages of Marvel titles.

Normally this would be a title that I would be extremely impressed with but since it is Kyle & Yost it is just more of the high quality you would expect. And while the general gist of this story isn’t blazing any new trails it is done exquisitely and is worth the read. If you are already invested into the endeavors of mutants this is a slam dunk no-brainer!

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