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Green Lantern Corps #50

Posted: Saturday, July 31, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Tony Bedard
Syaf, Cifuentes (i), Mayor & Strachan (c), Wands (l)
DC Comics
“Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns” (part 3)

Oh those deliciously evil Alpha Lanterns! When they were first introduced you could tell that something was just not quite right with them. After all the Corps is fueled by the fundamental foundation of emotion and these Alphas are abominations to that principle as they are completely devoid of emotion. I wondered why the Guardians, particularly Ganthet, would agree to the Alpha’s as they are basically and upgraded version of the flawed Manhunter debacle. At least now we have the answers and they may not be favorable to the guys and gals in green.

The gist of this issue is told from the perspective of Cyborg-Superman as he recollects to a captive John Stewart his origin. Hank (Cy-Supe) has been converting Green Lanterns into Alpha’s and John is next on his list. Cy-Supe’s real intent is on the assumption that Ganthet will come to John’s rescue and allow Hank the one thing that he truly wants more than anything--death. Remember that he was killed during the epic Sinestro Corps War, but as luck would have it that didn’t last too long for Hank. Despite being a villain Cy-Supe comes off as a tragic figure who one can easily sympathize with. The victim of a tragic accident and the resulting aftermath that saw his wife commit suicide is just part of the sad history of this baddie.

Of course, Kyle and Ganthet aren’t going to let John be turned without a fight and expectedly show up to confront Cy-Supe. Kyle breaks off to help Sora, who is in the process of being Alpha’d by Varix. Kyle shows just how far he will go to protect Sora and prevent yet another of his loves being killed under his watch.

Tony Bedard delivers yet another solid issue of the Green Lantern Corps. I enjoy how he is able to make something as mundane as an origin, especially one already shown, engaging and involved. His portrayal of Hank elicits sadness for the character. You hope that he gets his wish to finally die especially when you see how that desire seems perpetually out of reach. The Adrian Syaf pencils are consistent to what we have been treated to in the previous issues. It is hard to imagine but this actually surpassed the main Green Lantern title in my opinion this month.

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