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Thor #612

Posted: Monday, August 2, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Kieron Gillen
Doug Braithwaite, John Rauch & Andy Troy (c), Joe Sabino (l)
Marvel Comics
“The Fine Print”

Thor goes to Hell…literally! Picking up from last month’s dire situation regarding the Disir and their insatiable hunger for Asgardian souls finds Thor traversing Mephisto’s realm in order to put a stop to the legendary creatures. Of course, when entering dealings with Mephisto one must be wary because there’s always a catch. Just ask Peter Parker if you don’t believe me.

As it turns out the presently deceased Loki (yeah right) planned his Disir plot to the tee and came into possession of the fabled eir-gram blade which is capable of destroying the Disir. In typical fashion, however, this uber-blade now resides with Mephisto, hence the reason why Thor pays the devil a visit. It was cool to see Mephisto attempt to bargain with Thor, who just stared stoically at the demon refusing to accommodate the evil one’s wishes. Unsurprised by the Asgardians lack of barter Mephisto grants Thor entry into his Hell, which we shall bear witness to next month.

Kieron Gillen continues his impressive run on the title and it is picking up steam steadily as it goes. I appreciate the solid take on the Asgardians as a whole and the willingness to include some mythological aspects into the tone of the title. It probably could have been much easier to tell a straight superhero story, but this just works so much better when done this way. Gillen plays Thor true to form as Goldie would never, ever deal with the likes of Mephisto, even with the happiness of Asgard at stake. Nothing good ever comes from dealings with the devil.

Artist Doug Braithwaite adds the killing blow on a great issue. His lines are deep and powerful, rightfully so when interpreting the gods of Norse legend. The art benefits from an extremely subtle inking which allows the essence of the pencils to be felt more strongly as a result. The facial expressions of Thor and Mephisto in particular are stellar throughout the book.

Overall this was a very fun book that has plenty to offer up. For the casual fan it may be a little hard to immerse yourself into this due to the fact that there has been a ton of subplots occurring within the pages of Thor since the Siege event. Still, this was one of the better issues of the current release of books that I have had the opportunity to read.

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