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Amazing Spider-Man #641

Posted: Monday, September 13, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Joe Quesada
Paolo Rivera, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, Richard Isanove, VCís Joe Caramagna (l)
Marvel Comics
What the hell just happened? I read this issue twice and still donít fully comprehend the whole point to this whole "One Moment in Time" event that Joe Quesada was so adamant on telling. By deciding to go back to such a maligned topic that began with "One More Day" Joe Q has simply managed to just further compound the whole debacle to greater proportions. The biggest problem with this whole storyline, now that it has concluded, is simply what was the point?

Essentially what this story offered us was three issues of run-around that was all over the place and one final issue that essentially wrapped everything up by having the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and Mary Jane basically coming to the realization the being Spider-Man's girl was putting his loved ones at risk. In gaining this knowledge she also comes to terms with she is not strong enough to deal with this fact and therefore decides to "set Peter free" by ending any hopes of a reconciliation. We also learn just how everyone forgets how Peter and Spider-Man are one and the same.

OK, so this was a necessary must-tell story? For me it did nothing but delay REAL Spider-Man stories for the time being. The overall arc doesnít hold together all that well and in the end it just falls flat on its face. While I applaud Quesada for getting into the bulls eye on this story which he will undoubtedly take a tremendous deal of heat over it doesnít sugar coat the fact that it was a terribly mediocre tale at best. Donít get me wrong there were some touching moments between Peter and MJ but that is the extent of the positives in the story department.

The saving grace on this issue and the series as a whole has been the artwork by Mr. Paolo Rivera. The art has been the only consistent, at least one that as positive, in the issue and the three prior to this. His style is very reminiscent of the old Spidey tales of old and is a fun little release of art to indulge in. The Quesada art offers a vast contrast to Rivera's and it bogs down the overall appearance on the title.

In closing this has been what feels like a waste of time. Thankfully this is all hopefully behind us for the time being and we can get on to the good Spider-Man stories that the readers have been clamoring for over the course of the past few months. Maybe if I am feeling really masochistic this weekend I will sit down with both "One More Day" and "One Moment In Time" and read them as a whole to try to make more sense out of this.

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