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Green Lantern Corps #52

Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Tony Bedard
Syaf, Cifuentes (i), Mayor w/ Eltaeb (c), Wands (l)
DC Comics
“Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns” (conclusion)

When the Alpha-Lanterns were introduced a few years ago it was an intriguing concept for that period in time. By mating the traits of the Green Lanterns, who possess an emotional aspect that makes them so unique amongst one another, with the emotionless and robotic Manhunters and voila, you have the Alpha-Lanterns. Though not totally awe inspiring or original the Alphas were a welcome addition to the Lantern mythos especially in this age of the multiple Lantern factions that are associated with the emotional spectrum.

Unfortunately, the more the Alphas were used by writers that weren’t Geoff Johns the more they suffered. In this latest arc of Green Lantern Corps, which wraps up the Revolt storyline, readers bear witness to what may end up being the end of the Alpha-Lanterns as we know them. Of course, the fun is getting from point A to point Z in a story, where you see all the bits and pieces fall together, but in this case it feels like pieces are missing.

To make a long story short, Ganthet is able to free the former Lanterns from the prison of being an Alpha at the hands of Cyborg-Superman. As we have learned recently it was Cy-Supes who was responsible for the creation of the Alpha-Lanterns. Yet what we don’t really realize is how easy it was for Ganthet to reverse engineer them in order to free them of their captor. In doing so the Alphas regain their former minds but are stuck with their newly renovated bodies. How convenient right? Even the art by Adrian Syaf felt uninspired in this issue. Perhaps the creators were bogged down by their own devices.

My biggest concern now is that three Lantern books may prove to be too much. You know the main title is rock solid with Geoff Johns at the helm. The newly launched Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors by Peter J. Tomasi has been a nice addition to the stable in its own right. This leaves the Corps as the odd man out at the moment. Let’s factor Emerald out of the equation for a moment, however, since it is still in its infancy. In doing so you see the blatantly apparent contrast in quality between Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps. Hopefully the creative team will rebound in the next arc because this was a just average experience and with all the titles out there that just doesn’t cut it.

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