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X-Men #5

Posted: Monday, November 22, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Victor Gischler
Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco (i), Marte Gracia (c), Joe Caramagna (l)
Marvel Comics
“Curse of the Mutants” (part 5)

With this penultimate chapter of the new adjective less X-Men title writer Victor Gischler lays some of his cards on the table answering a portion of some of the questions that have been introduced into the franchise. The inclusion of vampires into the mutant genre has garnered a fair amount of criticism but once you get over the initial shock of the concept there is actually a decent story to be had. The blood suckers want to infect the mutants and transform them into vampires so as to strengthen their ranks and have already accomplished turning Jubilee and Wolverine.

Now I told you some answers have been revealed and one of those just happens to pertain to the fact that Logan is running around as a mutant vampire (or dead and in hell, or an Avenger, or something else entirely but that is a different topic for a different day). Many, me included, have wondered just how Logan could be infected due to his healing factor. Well, needless to say, that gets resolved with this issue and admittedly it was not something I saw coming and as such I really enjoyed how that all unfolded. It does prove that Cyclops is a brilliant tactician who has the ability to foresee problems in the present as well as possibilities that may transpire in the near future.

There was also some really good characterization and dialogue amongst characters to boot. Cyke readies his “tough skin” team to confront Vamperine and the comments by Emma provided a nice chuckle as she rationalizes the whole tough skin comment. We see the underused Iceman and Archangel providing aerial support including Bobby’s holy water blessed icicles that tore through the vamps like a hot knife through butter. The small showdown between Cyke and Wolvie was great and encompasses a lot of the recent events that the X-Men have had to deal with.

X-Men is a fun title to immerse yourself in. I was skeptical initially, but Gischler and artist Paco Medina have been steadily easing any hesitations I may have had regarding the series and its direction regarding the inclusion of vampires.

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