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Transformers #14

Posted: Thursday, December 9, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Mike Costa
Don Figueroa, Andrew Dalhouse (c), Dave Sharpe (l)
IDW Publishing
“Revenge of the Decepticons” (part 1: The Demolished Man)

My fascination with the Transformers property tends to fluctuate drastically. Growing up on the toys and cartoons they will always hold a special place in my heart. Hell, I'm wearing an Autobots shirt as I write this review. Yet for some reason the comics in particular don’t always seem to hold my attention for very long. I have casually been reading this series but I haven’t been keeping up with the action in a good eight issues or so, which means for all intents and purposes I am lost as to what the current situation is in the Transformer universe.

Luckily for me that this issue happens to be the first chapter in a new story arc entitled “Revenge of the Decepticons.” Writer Mike Costa offers up an opening entry that deals with a civilian who has come into possession of an extraterrestrial weapon, which we find out is actually something that the Autobots are very familiar with. This civilian has been following an online site and message board that dedicates itself to advocating the Transformers as being detrimental to the human race. Ultimately what happens is that the man's radio has been telling him things which leads him to attempt to kill Bumblebee.

The issue sees the Autobots are in disarray from what I can only assume to be the previous storylines that I have unfortunately not been following. What really surprised me about this issue is how Costa drew me in to the story with relative ease despite the fact that this is all new to me. I like how he portrays the Autobots in a fractured state and they are bickering amongst one another as they try to regain a foothold in our world. Rightfully so, as the group is divided by how they perceive the humans and how some of the Autobots hold them responsible for their current status. Of course though the best and most intriguing tidbit is saved for last as we see that there is a certain surprise that has fallen from the sky in a South American country that awaits not only the Autobots but the Earth in general.

Mike Costa scripts a very fluid tale that is very accessible to the reader. Sure I now need to go back and see what has transpired up to the current events but that is the tell tale sign of a good writer. It helps when you have an art team lead by Don Figueroa who captures the alien robots with such elegance. In fact that is my only knock on this book, not enough robots!

Transformers #14 is a real fun book and it has managed to pique my interest for the series. The premise that was at the heart of the story certainly had me extremely interested for what not only is to come but what has passed as well.

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