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Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #5

Posted: Saturday, December 18, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Peter J. Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin, Cam Smith (i), Mayor w/Eltaeb (c), Steve Wands (l)
DC Comics
ďLast WillĒ

This newest issue of Green Lantern Emerald Warriors certainly ups the ante for all those involved and as a result adds a new layer of intrigue to the overall picture. We see the key players, Guy Gardner and Kilowog, both dealing with scenarios that they both would rather not face.

Writer Peter Tomasi tells a fast paced story that hitís the ground running and unrelentingly races you from cover to cover in an all out intensity driven comic. First he sets up an awesome confrontation between our Lanterns and a group of rookies who think that Guy and Co. are actually Sinestro Corps members. These noobs are being mind-controlled and plan on killing the Green Lanterns but ultimately, after realizing their mistake, place their own rings to their heads and off themselves. It was such a shocking moment and it was well played. Poor Kilowog looses it after seeing these freshly minted Lanterns that he trained dead and unable to do anything about it but blame himself.

Tomasi also finally lets the proverbial cat out of the bag pertaining to Guy Gardner as our hero uncontrollably lets out the red rage burrowed within him and has to come clean to Kilowog and Arisia about his pact with Atrocitus. There is a gruesome scene in which Guy tells his crew of an incident where he vomitís a masterpiece of fortune telling showcasing the fact that if they donít get control of the emotional entities it will spell bad news for everyone.

There are a bunch of smaller threads that are woven through out the story that ties all three Green Lantern titles together so nicely. Tomasi has definitely shown his talents with this series. He handles all of these characters especially well whether it is the smart ass attitude of Guy or the cracks in the tough as steel armor that Kilowog perpetually exudes--he handles them all magnificently. His Bleez is also impressive as this particular Red Lantern running with these Greens is a total whack job and gets her kicks at seeing the Lanterns being put through their paces.

Likewise, artist Fernando Pasarin continues to excel and is a fine compliment to Tomasi. I love how he handles each scene and infuses the feeling into it. Just take in the encounter with the mind-controlled Lanterns and you will see what I mean.

I have been thoroughly enjoying all things Green Lantern and this series is no exception. The Green Lantern books are and have been at the top of their game and are arguably the strongest titles that DC is creating at the moment.

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