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Captain America #613

Posted: Friday, December 31, 2010
By: Robert Tacopina

Ed Brubaker
Guice, Gaudiano & Guice w/Magyar (i), Breitweiser w/Martin (c), Caramagna (l)
Marvel Comics
“The Trial of Captain America” (part 3)

It is a tumultuous time for Bucky Barnes and those closest to him as he faces trial on the accusation of being a terrorist who has been in cahoots with the Russians for years. However those of us in the know realize that those accusations aren’t quite ringing with truth. As it turns out, though, the new Red Skull, who is the previous Red Skull’s daughter, has been carefully plotting to take down Bucky and the Captain America visage in general and has manipulated the judicial proceedings in advance. This issue served a pivotal purpose in advancing the storyline and setting up what is sure to be an uneasy time for all those in Captain America’s immediate camp.

Ed Brubaker deviously allows the reader to enter the frightening and vivid dreams of Sin who subconsciously conjures the memories of her father and all the resentment he held towards her as being unworthy in his eyes. If only Mr. Skull could see his daughter now as she has cast
more doubt on Bucky's character and taps into daddy's reservoir of goodies in an attempt to demolish a national symbol. Furthermore the inclusion of the Master Man as Red Skull's willing accomplice strikes a perfect balance to the pairing of Black Widow and The Falcon who have been investigating a disturbance at a psychiatric ward that was holding our evil villainess.

All of the characters are being put through their paces and it has been a delight to witness as a reader. There are so many various little tidbits ongoing at the same time and it has been building up to something that will hopefully have a wonderful payoff. It does leave you to consider what the outcome will be for both Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers since I am pretty certain we all have come to the conclusion that Steve will once again don the Captain America moniker. Yet I don’t think I am quite ready for that to take place since Bucky as Cap was an ingenious idea and there are just so many possibilities to explore still with Bucky in the forefront.

I was beginning to think that this title may be in danger of losing its focus but that fear seems to have given way to a newfound sense of excitement as the creators have really put forth a strong effort in “The Trial of Captain America”. Great writing by Ed Brubaker and absolutely stunning artwork by Butch Guice have Captain America once again firing on all cylinders!

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