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Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen

Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2011
By: Robert Tacopina

Ozzy Inguanzo
The Green Lantern movie is almost upon us and excitement for the film has reached a fervor pitch. For those not content with merely waiting for the movie, author Ozzy Inguanzo and Universe Publishing have your emerald obsession covered with Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen. The book is a beautiful hard cover companion piece to the Ryan Reynolds lead film. It totals just over 200 pages of Green Lantern fandom. Plus, it has the ringing endorsement of a foreword provided by Green Lantern scribe and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

The first notable trait of this book is just how majestic it looks, and how carefully it was created. Often a book of this magnitude offers so much information that it becomes overwhelming to try to take on. However, that sense of being overwhelmed is certainly not the case here. Inguanzo carefully crafted his love letter to Green Lantern with the intent of not only offering a wealth of knowledge to the reader but to make it seamless and manageable to immerse in.

The book is broken down into three chapters with the first dealing with all the behind the scenes madness of undertaking such an enormous project as creating a major motion picture. From director Martin Campbell and the tasks that he had to contend with from set designs to artistic visions, the reader is allowed unparalleled access into every nook and cranny of the Green Lantern filmmaking process.

The next two chapters pertain to the heroes and villains, respectfully, and offer insight into what makes these characters tick and how they will translate to the big screen. Some of my personal favorite moments within these sections deal with the diverse members of the Green Lantern Corps. Just being allowed to absorb the look and feel of the alien Corpsmen left me eagerly wanting the chance to view the film at that moment.

The imagery in this book is just a vision of beauty. Every page is graced with stunning scenes from the film and its production. There are plenty of green screen shots, character models, artist renditions, and special effect transitions here, and all are simply gorgeous.

Also to be found are various script pages and storyboards, which serve to tell the story in a slightly different manner than we are often accustomed to. Another wonderful addition to the book is the inclusion of running changes that have been made to different parts of the creation of the Green Lantern flick. We see the changes that the power battery and ring have undergone, as well as costume changes and tweaks.

Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen isn't the first type of this book to be produced. But it is perhaps the most cohesive and coherent offering of its sort. Inguanzo skillfully allows us a deep look into the power battery to absorb all the imaginative creations of the men and women behind the scenes of the major film debut of one of comics most beloved and enduring characters. This book is the perfect companion piece for Green Lantern fans--whether they be fans of the comics, the movie, or both.

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