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Uncanny X-Force #12

Posted: Friday, July 29, 2011
By: Robert Tacopina

Rick Remender
Mark Brooks, Andrew Currie (i), Mark Brooks (i), Dean White (c), Richard Isanove (c), Cory Petit (l)
Does Rick Remender kick copious amounts of ass or what? In his first year on Uncanny X-Force Remender has proven without a doubt to be a phenomenally gifted writer with the ability to get into the heads of his subjects and make them accessible to the reader. In this latest arc, "The Dark Angel Saga," we see our surreptitious squad of X-Men traveling to the Age of Apocalypse in order to save Warren Worthington (Angel/Archangel) who is succumbing to his inner demons which were conveniently placed within him by Apocalypse way back in the first volume of X-Factor.

Despite my extreme lack of fondness for alternate realities, I have to confess that the scenario works with extreme sufficiency. All of the characters in the AoA are altered in some way, almost like a reflection of our present day heroes, but are remarkably interesting. In this timeline Jean Grey is still alive and leads the resistance forces against Apocalypse and his Akkaba clan.

This installment, "Interruptions," had some great character drama from a couple of the X-Force stalwarts. Wolverine has a great inner monologue pertaining to not only the direness of their situation but also to the reaction he feels just being near the AoA Jean Grey. You can tell that he longs for her much like he did in the 616, even admitting to himself that she is the perfect woman. Their relationship has always skirted on the fringes of being taken to the next level but never truly embraced and the tension, even here, is so intense.

Not to be outshined, though, is Fantomex and his infatuation with Psylocke. The two have been involved in a series of flirtatious situations under Remender and finally in issue #12 we see a little spark in desperation. Fantomex and Deadpool are the two stars of this series in my opinion. Remender has taken two very polarizing characters and made them totally bad-ass and not at all over the top or unbearable. They both offer so much to the book and have made me a believer. Hell, at this point if Remender made a Fantomex & Deadpool book I would be
all over that.

The art, as always, is fucking amazing! Mark Brooks, following Esad Ribic, following Jerome Opena = greatness! All three artists have been stunningly brilliant and have put forth beautiful artwork in each and every issue. It's so easy to get lost in the majesty of the artwork, which is infused with the original color palette of Dean White.

Uncanny X-Force has been an amazingly brilliant comic book and the strong point of the X-Men family of titles. The best X-Men comic, without a doubt, hands down, bar none.

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